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be GREAT guys
Health & Wellness


We Need Your Help...

 Our Goal: Let people know that we all have a Day One, and that the plan is to make that day turn into a Lifestyle.

Our Mission: By fostering meaningful, judgment-free, trustworthy relationships, we focus on strengthening your self-esteem- from the root- which paves the way for a GREAT mindset, GREAT choices, and  even GREATER results.

We are raising money for a facility to house our be GREAT guys Wellness Center. With this center, we want to showcase a holistic approach to health within our community, especially with our youth. Be it the health of finances, physical, mental, spiritual, and also entrepreneurial mentor-ship programs.  Your donation will truly help us in pursuit of making this dream come true, to create a healthier Charlotte.

be GREAT guys. 

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A Family That Cares

Our group is more like a family. We not only take your fitness goals seriously, but also help motivate and educate each other on ways to achieve those goals both physically, mentally and emotionally. We understand that losing weight or becoming healthier can be challenging, we are striving to create a community of change and empowerment. 

Your Success is Our Goal

We understand that adapting new health and wellness habits is difficult and oftentimes fail. Our goal is to change your view on fitness, so that it becomes a part of who you are—your lifestyle. Through health and wellness coaching and our own journeys and experiences, we can attest that we all have things that we fight on a daily basis. We want to help shine light on the power we all have to take back control of anything we have ever let defeat us. We are here as a community to help you in defining what your true greatness is from tips in eating healthier, meal prep help and inspirational workout clothing to feeling motivated throughout your health journey.

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